GREINS Revolution


With a standard ice resurfacer, scrapings are collected by augers and moved through a chute to the snow dump tank. The snow dump tank eventually fills and requires emptying. The GREINS revolution changes this…

The GREINS Ice Resurfacing Retrofit System contains a series of components.  Keeping the traditional blade and auger system in place, GREINS patented technology employs boilers, pumps and filters which recycle water from the very same rink which is being resurfaced.  There is no longer any need to exit the facility to dump snow, and no requirement to constantly run industrial sized hot water tanks which waste energy and occupy considerable space. 

With the GREINS system, the boiler provides circulation to the heat exchangers installed throughout the ice resurfacer.  An array of spray nozzles and heat exchangers within the snow dump tank melt the snow with efficiency.

A hopper and filtering system remove debris as additional heat exchangers ensure temperatures within the hot water tank meet 140°F  as required by the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) .

The GREINS Ice Resurfacing Retrofit System melts the ice scrapings with revolutionary speed and efficiency… delivering consistent water temperatures and ensuring best practices for ice maintenance.  Arenas will save time, money, and be recognized as a ‘green facility’ that acts as a champion for the environment.


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